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Ed Woodward No Longer Involved With Transfer Recruitment


Ed Woodward is no longer involved with Manchester United’s transfer recruitment, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Since 2013, when he was made the club’s official CEO, the Englishman has overseen all transfer activity at Old Trafford. His role, which places him at the very top of operations at Old Trafford, has consisted of acquiring targets, whilst setting and distributing United’s allocated budget.

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It would be an understatement in saying that Woodward has come under criticism since occupying such a role, having directed the team rather blindly down an unstable path, failing to establish a thorough and well thought out philosophy for the club. A lack of vision has hampered the team’s form on the field, with the side experiencing a rollercoaster of managerial changes and mishaps.

To put it simply, Woodward’s strengths do not lie with implanting policies to help the aid club from a football perspective. He is a businessman who helped guide the Glazers with their purchase of the club back in 2005, playing an integral role in United’s soaring of revenue streams since their takeover.

When discussing finances and sponsorship deals, the CEO has delivered, but he isn’t the right figure to lead the club to their 21st league title, an achievement the side have come nowhere near since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

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A lack of infrastructure behind the scenes has led to the team’s demise, but small steps towards a rebuild have been taking place this season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has implanted a three-year blueprint to help the club re-stabilise and put solid foundations in place, to progress and gain success once again.

We have seen from the positive signings last summer that United are beginning to re-build a squad capable of challenging. As per the MEN though, Woodward has had no say in such transfer recruitment.

They claim that ‘he is no longer involved in recruitment’, but does still play his part in the negations of deals. The club now have a recruitment team that work with scouting, locating and identifying targets, a structured approach that fans have been crying out for, for many years now.

Woodward will still remain an integral member of the board and his face will still be shown on cameras around Old Trafford. However, such news suggests that he has taken a step back from the football decisions at the club, with the new policy of recruitment already paying off.

It’s simply five for five since last summer, as Harry Maguire, Daniel James, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Odion Ighalo and Bruno Fernandes have all arrived and offered positivity to the squad, albeit through their own individual qualities.

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12 thoughts on “Ed Woodward No Longer Involved With Transfer Recruitment

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    1. Ed Woodward has single handed dismantled a once feared team,now teams have no worries playing us we need to stop changing managers repeatedly it has a knock on effect on the players changing the way they play constantly.he has stuttered on too many deals now. So hence top flight players have no interest in a team that barely makes Europa league let alone the champions league where we should be every year. We desperately need another midfield player to assist Bruno.and definitely need a quality striker.i also believe we should look at parting ways with de gea who of late is below par so another replacement keeper should be priority then given a few months we can and will bounce back from this dark time were in

  2. After we see the news that Woodward is no longer to handle the recruitment of the club that is outstanding, cause since he take charge of the club n recruitment the club has turn out bad to worst,, so we need a technical director who have passion n vision for the club n could bring silverware back to OLDTRAFORD..this is what we want and always for the club..

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  4. […] READ MORE: Ed Woodward No Longer Involved With Transfer Recruitment […]

  5. He should be fired long time ago. You can’t have somebody who doesn’t know about football to get involved in transfers. He is like a salesman… To bring in money.. Which the club needs.. Like sponsors… Etc

    1. Its about bloody time we have been blundering along for too long undo the shackles wrapped around ollie he is United through and though we will be great again

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